Bipod Shooting Sticks Booth 3217 

I love a good invention and more targets are missed or hit poorly due to a bad hold or lack of a rest than probably any other reason.  The Bipod Shooting Sticka offer a unique patented approach that looks pretty damn good to me. Best of all they fold up into tiny foot long pouch when not in use. Think flexible but firm tent polls that brace against the ground or your body. Light and easy to deploy, take a look before you leave.  

Zenith Firearms Z-5P MP5 style 9mm

I am not personally a huge fan of a lot of the “pistol” versions of a lot of carbines. Nothing against them, just haven’t found many that have crossed the barrier between “cool” and “have to have it”.  I haven’t shot it yet, but so far the Z-5P had definitely crashed that barrier. In true stamped and welded style, this little roller locker blowback 9mm is hardcore cool. At 4.6 pounds it’s not light, but it sits right in the hands, particularly in a double hand hold and is in no way “heavy”. It seems like the perfect weight to rock the 30 round mag accurately and quickly without a lot of climb. It also has a 1/2×28″ thread and three lug setup for those who love the sounds of silence

……..stay tuned for the shooting test!


Limited updates due to tech issues.

Well folks I hoped to do a lot of updates today, but so far I’ve found Nashville to be woefully unprepared to handle 70,000 people. Signal is slow to non-existent, uploading picture is a multiple try, battery burning experience.  Hell, even the bathrooms and shuttles are way over capacity. I’ll post what I can when I can. Thanks for reading.

Glock 43 NRA Press Party

Many thanks to Glock for the invite. Heck of a nice little 9mm. Great grip ergonomics provided for low recoil. Should do well as a carry piece for light summer clothing or as a backup piece.

I have to like any pistol that provides me a first shot bullseye. The rest weren’t too bad either considering I just drove 6 hours, hadn’t found the bathroom yet and was pretty hungry. Excuses? No, good testing environment as it probably mimicked many of the same biological stress factors you’d experience in a high stress encounter. So my point is even in less than ideal conditions it’s pretty easy to shoot this pistol accurately. With a few mags it clustered really well right below the X. Key for most guys will be controlling their pull and hand movement as this is a lightweight piece.