Zenith Firearms Z-5P MP5 style 9mm

I am not personally a huge fan of a lot of the “pistol” versions of a lot of carbines. Nothing against them, just haven’t found many that have crossed the barrier between “cool” and “have to have it”.  I haven’t shot it yet, but so far the Z-5P had definitely crashed that barrier. In true stamped and welded style, this little roller locker blowback 9mm is hardcore cool. At 4.6 pounds it’s not light, but it sits right in the hands, particularly in a double hand hold and is in no way “heavy”. It seems like the perfect weight to rock the 30 round mag accurately and quickly without a lot of climb. It also has a 1/2×28″ thread and three lug setup for those who love the sounds of silence

……..stay tuned for the shooting test!


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