Things to come….Zenith….Mossberg

Good morning to all in Gun world out there.

Your’s truly has been busy on several assignments, that and lead time is a bit of a killer in the writing world, so without further delay I can announce that shortly we will have the review of the Zenith Z-5P and the Mossberg MVP LC.

I’ve already threaded my suppressor on the Z-5P and I’m aching to go to the range. Awaiting some ammo from Corbon & Hornady, but I might just have to hit the store myself as I’m itching to shoot this one. Seldom does any shiny new thing keep its luster long, as you all know, everything from that our new phones, new cars, or in this day an age new spouses, lose their luster with an alarming rate, but no, not the Z-5P. This pistol has some serious timeless cool to it. Like a Porsche 550 Spyder or a classic coke bottle shaped Dodge Charger. I’m sure the only thing compelling me to send it back (beyond the need to pay for it if I didn’t) will be its ability to empty my bank account due to my inability to stop pulling its trigger.

Beyond the Z-5P and the Mossberg MVP LC, I have plenty of uppers filling the office for the new book. I’m sure at least a few comments from shooting those will soon make their way to the web as well. Finally, I can’t say who just yet, but one of our industry players has just hired me to help them package and sell their firm (yup, that nasty day job that actually pays the bills stuff). Although, this one will be very interesting as they make not only AR’s but bigger and more fun fare as well. Wait until you see what is coming next.

To rip off the Boondock Saints I’ll end this segment by saying, this blog is very much like 7-11 I may not be writing right now, but keep watching because I’m always working and coming up with things for you to read. AND hopefully like Boondock Saints…it will be some pretty cool stuff that is worth waiting for!


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