3 Days of #SHOTShow

If you ever doubt the survival of the inventive nature of the American spirit, just find your way to Shot. The pure, raw power of the display of ingenuity here at the show almost boggles the mind.

Every crack and corner explored yields more ingenious inventions. Some from well known names like Randy Luth at his new company Luth-AR others from some of the first timers up on the third floor in the Shot Show Next section, lovingly nicknamed “Virgin Row”.

Below are just a few highlights from the show. Many more will follow shortly.



I always think they are missing something by not blowing a bugle when the doors are about to open as it is an absolute land rush to get in once those doors open. Like way too many steel balls being poured into the world’s largest Pachinko machine attendees haphazardly storm into the show. First timers are not unknown to exhibit symptoms of shock and lock up like deer in headlights. No worries, the tidal wave of humanity will carry them forward to new and unexpected discoveries. It really is a sight to behold and an experience that can’t be forgotten. 

GunGopher.com the GUN only search engine.

A cool new service is being offered by GunGopher.com. They are using a Google search engine protocol with the twist that all sites are manually added to the search engine to make sure your firearm friendly searching is never interrupted by some gun grabbing rhetoric or, worse yet, pictures of our narcissist and chief. So try it and enjoy the 100% pure firearms filled search results.

Back after a LONG last half of 2015

Yes folks, I’m back. After a long and occasionally ugly 2nd half of the year I’m rev’d up and ready to go in the new year. So watch this sleepy (dormant) blog spring back to life.

Shot Show is only 11 days away and I will be covering it in depth. I might even drop some previews of what I’m bringing to Shot in partnership with a few friends out there in the industry. 

Also, you will get coverage of the Antique Arms Show running concurrently and consecutively to Shot. Even if this isn’t your bag, take a look and see the incredible artistry that will be on display. 

I hope to see some of you there and if you’d like me to go look at something for you OR you are displaying and want me to cover something you’ve got, drop me a line or leave a comment. 

Definitely MORE to come!