A Machiavellian argument for #Trump for the #NeverTrump movement.


Okay, let me open this with a few basic points. We are all members of the Republic, or what barely still is a Republic. Given this, I respect your point of view and ask you to respect mine. Respect doesn’t mean agree. Respect means you read the argument that follows with openness and an attempt at understanding, rather than the preset decision to reject it.

Next, a little bit on me. I did read the Art of the Deal when when it came out. I was 13 at the time. I did visit the Trump Tower when it opened. I grew up in the tri-borough area, read NJ, but could see NYC, until 12 when we moved to Philadelphia, where I lived until we moved to Saint Louis, Missouri. I currently reside here, but this is my 3rd time here. I’ve lived in Omaha, Nebraska; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Austin, Texas; Coral Springs, Florida; then spent long periods of living in hotels in Chamberlain, South Dakota, and Glenrock, Wyoming. I drive almost everywhere I go and have spent considerable time in Nevada, Montana, Tennessee, and I’ve been in every state except Hawaii. I’m about as hard right as you get. I left a Wall Street job to make and design firearms and ammunition. I’ve voted Republican my whole life and I was hospitalized due to being out putting signs up in the bad weather around the 1992 Election and worked hard to get Jon Christensen Elected to the US Congress by a tight margin of .9%  in 1994 Conservative Revolution. Point being, I’m not new and I’ve paid my dues. Finally, I voted for Cruz in the primary in Missouri. I honestly didn’t think he’d win, but I knew that making it tight would help keep Trump on the conservative leaning side. Honestly, it was also before some more of the things I like least about Ted came to light.

Now to my argument and point. Again, this isn’t a positive attribute argument, which I believe can be made. This is the Machiavellian argument for those who hate Trump, which many do. I believe we can all agree Trump knows how to stir up the masses like no one on outside has in decades. Anyone who knows how to handle the “mob” like this also knows the danger of this dance. If you disappoint them, betray them, sell them out, they will turn on you with rage equal or greater than the admiration they invested in you before. By this point I am willing to say, certain extreme element are sufficiently vested in Trump vision that should he turn on his immigration policy promises, his pledge to the Second Amendment, his promises to the Military it is highly likely he won’t live out his term. I think we can all also agree that Trump loves himself. The degree to which we can debate, but the point remains. Trump is smart enough to know that he has spoken strongly enough, and whipped up enough emotion that if goes back on his promises he is in literal, mortal risk. That’s on top of the boycotts, etc, against his business, and businesses in anyway connected to him. I also want to say that I am NOT saying the Military, 2nd Amendment groups, etc are extreme. Historically, I could point out that most assassins are left wingers but every group has their extreme elements.

So what am I saying here. If you can say you believe Trump doesn’t want to die, and further that if he picks a sufficiently conservative VP (putting a better option thought into his elimination) you can trust Trump to keep his word. The logic is unassailable. The ONLY possibility is if you believe he is so deluded as to think he is untouchable, but I don’t personally, nor do any I know that have a better or closer sense of him than I do, that he is. Is he crass? Yes, I grew up in his area and honestly, I kinda get it. Catch me on a bad day and you’ll learn words and insults you never even knew existed. I promise you your soul will probably hurt after. All I’m saying it is more a local thing than a sign of some major personality defect. Having lived around, I know how others see it, but even I was shocked by how strongly some reacted, so clearly I didn’t fully understand. Again, basically if you can get to the point that you think Trump loves himself, in a healthy way or not, just that he does, and he picks a vetted conservative VP, I believe he can be trusted to stick to the platform as I think he wants a legacy and not a funeral.

That’s my 2 cents, not the normal for this blog, but I felt it needed to be said.

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